Monday, May 17, 2010

Tyra Re-Defines Beautiful.

So today I was watching Americas Next Top Model and it was obvious that Tyra had gained a little bit of weight. It was so inspirational to watch that she was still so fierce and confident, I did some research on how she felt about her new body and I came across her encouraging bathing suit speech.
After some tabloid criticism and a paparazzi photo of Tyra Banks wearing a swimsuit, she returned fire -- by proudly posed in a swimsuit for Peoples magazine. And on her popular talk show, wearing nothing but high heels and a swimsuit, she gave a powerful speech targeting people who have hurtful things to say about women's bodies.
Her message seems to be that she still feels hot, and she's thankful for her great support system and ample self-esteem. If she didn't have this, she said on the air, she would probably be starving herself right now. The most impressive thing about all of this is that Tyra seemed to be fighting back not just for herself, but for all women.
I was amazed to watch Tyra not only stand up for herself but also for girls like me who don't fit the skinny criteria. She was justifying that beautiful doesn't always mean thin, and that's something that our society has morphed into what is necessary to be accepted.

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  1. I love Trya, she is honestly so inspirational. Every season she tries to incorporate at least one plus size model. She tries to encourage women to feel good about themselves and I really applaud her because she's different.